Fire Risk Assessments 

UK regulations state that every business must have a documented fire risk assessment that has been completed by a competent person.

This can be done in-house by competent trained staff or we can help you to identify and reduce the risks facing your business, providing you with full fire protection.

Our fully trained staff can help any business from a small office, through to warehouses and multi-site corporate organisations.

There have been many cases where businesses have been destroyed and sometimes lives lost due to inadequate fire protection that could so easily have been avoided.

Whilst fatal cases are thankfully rare, it is still a legal requirement to carry out a risk assessment and take corrective action.

Some companies choose to use generic risk assessment software. However, these can only be of real use if there is a competent trained person running the program itself. The questions posed by the software only act as a guide, so it still requires someone to identify the real risks. Remember, this is more than just a form-filling exercise.

At 1st Fire Solutions Ltd we:

  • Highlight and categorise all fire risks
  • Develop an action plan
  • Carry out periodic reviews to ensure risks are reduced to an acceptable level
Put your mind at ease and let us guide you through the legislation.
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